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Craft by lft
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 4.2/5 (97 votes)
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Comments :

Pretty amazing, especially for 1K of RAM and 8K of ROM.
Posted on 2008-06-29 16:31 By David Murray

If you can get in contact with the guy that made this then could you send him to this link.

We would like to see what he can do with the power of the propeller chip.
Posted on 2008-07-16 09:37 By Anthony

WHOA, unbelievably cool
Posted on 2008-07-22 02:08 By Rudd-O

Posted on 2008-07-22 02:58 By

Absolutely fantastic. Be very proud. Seriously.
Posted on 2008-07-22 05:23 By Andrew

And the video is 88mb..!
Posted on 2008-07-22 05:42 By Miles

Just when you think the demo scene is dead someone comes along and prooves you wrong. Brilliant!
Posted on 2008-07-22 08:09 By Marko

Sup Mega Man style :)
Posted on 2008-07-22 10:21 By Ishimaru

This guy is really talented. Congrats!
Posted on 2008-07-22 10:57 By Peter

This guy has too much spare time! Impressive, though.
Posted on 2008-07-22 13:10 By JL

This is sick. Props
Posted on 2008-07-22 14:18 By JAL

very impressive - it brings back memories of assembly language on the C64 and programming IRQ's before it was call multitasking.. Well done - love to see more demos.
Posted on 2008-07-22 15:56 By joe

Anyone else amused that the demo is so small, yet the video to show it to everyone is 88mb! :)
Posted on 2008-07-22 18:35 By Doug

Posted on 2008-07-23 10:32 By vige

Be proud. This is awesome
Posted on 2008-07-23 19:03 By S!Ri

Very nice!
Posted on 2008-08-01 10:25 By Cyborg

Posted on 2008-08-01 10:37 By .

Pretty nice
Posted on 2008-08-01 10:41 By Sidecash

Oh my God !!!
This is awesome !
Posted on 2008-08-16 20:57 By NickyOne

well done. this is what I call "natural born coder"
Posted on 2008-09-08 06:29 By giannis

Wow, this is great. Very nice sound. Didn't know the ATmeg88 had that power =P
Posted on 2008-12-31 22:15 By SquidMan

Wow, this is great. Very nice sound. Didn't know the ATmeg88 had that power =P
Posted on 2008-12-31 22:18 By SquidMan

Do you have tutorials for anyone else who is interested in this type of work? Specifically the part of the yellow band (3:08). Amazing !!Is it possible to run Hardware anti-aliasing filter for the video?!?Hardware reverb for your sound?!?\|.Oo.>() XenuTH
Posted on 2009-03-02 03:25 By XenuTH

Oh my gosh this is some serious wicked stuff. I am impressed!
Posted on 2009-04-01 13:58 By jobromedia

Posted on 2009-04-18 18:19 By estysoft

Posted on 2009-06-11 13:31 By AFX

wicked awesome. much respect. :)
Posted on 2010-08-22 18:52 By the_dude

Mechanical Seals
Posted on 2010-09-11 10:33 By 99

Nice Job done, respect!
Posted on 2011-01-06 23:52 By Roman

Absoluter Überhammer. R.E.S.P.C.T.
Posted on 2011-03-15 21:45 By JAC!
Demogroup : lft
Time : 4m 35s
Release date : march 15, 2008
Add date : march 27, 2008 by Tsr / DTV Staff
Comments on pouet.net : See the production's infos on Pouet.net
Platform : -
Type : Wild
Party : Ranked 1st at breakpoint 2008
Download : Download 88MB
Embed :

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